Hard Work in a Casino ;)

For 5 1/2 + years I have been a massage therapist. Obviously I get asked stupid questions and am offered offensive opportunities (otherwise this blog wouldn’t be up and running!), but some of the best questions and quotes come from a casino I have had the pleasure of working in.

My position in the casino is to give table-side massages to players throwing away money at a poker or blackjack table. We didn’t waste our time with the slots; felt-table only. If you’ve ever worked in a casino, you know there is no problem with our economy. Millions and more are spent in casinos, literally just gone in seconds. (I’ve watched players put $10k down on a blackjack table and lose it and just walk away seemingly unscathed.)

Many ponder: “How does a massage therapist work the floor of a casino?” Answer: With nerves of steel. The gist: I walk around (looking good of course) politely hollering “Massage? Massages? Massage for anybody?” to each table that has a player at it. Most say no or give me no response whatsoever. At this point I can almost tell which people would or wouldn’t get a massage tableside.

Naturally, my hollering takes people off guard and they laugh or ask those stupid questions. But luckily, it is because of these stupid questions I have finally been allowed to release my witty tongue. Many men in these casinos have a drink or two or three or more and are more than happy to ask inappropriate questions (aka SEXUAL HARASSMENT!). For years I have been biting my tongue to not say nasty responses or be a slight bia to those who have been nice enough to ask me for happy endings.
But working in a casino, I can get away with a lot more than I could working for a popular mouse-opoly.

The blogs in the Casino category will be less lengthy and are for venting and entertainment purposes. All you LMTs out there who bite their tongues when the ignorant and belligerent pose gnarly comments: this is for you!

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    Nov 29, 2011 @ 17:33:00

    Ive seen some sick compulsive gambling at blackjack tables. Makes for some great entertainment!


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