“The Works”

The Works

An old hispanic man at the casino always smiled in that creepy way every time I walked by his poker table. One day he called me over for a massage and quietly asked “How much for a private massage?” Very loudly I replied, “What exactly is a private massage, sir?” He looked around embarrassed and said “never mind.”

Typically, that’s the end of it. But this time I think of his buddies tried to explain that you need “code words” or something. About an hour or two later I walk around and at a different poker table, the old hispanic man summoned me.

Him: “How much for the works?” (with his creepy smile.)

Me: “$9 at a Mobil Car Wash..I believe they include cleaning your undercarriage and a tri-scented foam”

He didn’t ask for it again. But he gave me $5 for wasting my time. 🙂

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