Drop ’em!

As a massage therapist, what is the one subject I get asked about the most?

Happy Endings.

SIGH. If I could make that sigh bigger, it would have been.

I’m walking around the casino politely asking if anyone wants a massage (as always).
A gentleman of darker descent suggests to his friend of a more ghetto descent that he gets one. “It’ll be the best 5 minutes you’ll probably ever have,” he says. I smile and nod and explain how awesome the massages are given “right here, right now” at the table while they play blackjack. The gentleman asks me if I can do deep tissue and I reply “Sure!”
Little did I realize at the same time the ‘friend’ asked if I give happy endings. So apparently the entire table thinks I give happy endings now. When the gentleman asked if I heard what the kid said, I reply in the negative. The kid turns around and says ‘You give happy endings?’ And i reply rather harshly, “Really? REALLY? You’re going to ask for a happy ending from a massage therapist who works tableside?? Fine. Drop your pants and let’s see how a happy ending works in the middle of a casino. I can assure you you’ll get your ass kicked out of here so fast!”

((As I mentioned, it was a bit harsh)).
The gentleman says, “Now why do you think he’ll get a massage from you with the way you just talked to him?”
I reply, “Do you think I’ll actually give him a massage after the way he just talked to me?”
Gentleman: “Touche, I’ll take 5 minutes of deep tissue.”
Me: “OKAY!” 🙂

10 minutes later… the kid mutters something about me having a dirty mouth. And this time I keep my “dirty mouth” shut and the gentleman replies for me, “she doesn’t have a dirty mouth. she gives an awesome massage and you’re missing out.”

thanks, gentleman! (and I left with no tip, jerk.)



On a side note, I understand that people are ignorant of the approach on happy endings.. but seriously?? right in the middle of a casino? fugoff, is what i’d like to say.

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