Angry Birds: The Fad

If you’re coming to Thailand to teach English – bring anything Mickey Mouse or Angry Bird related. They LOVE that shit!

At a parent presentation, I (and my fellow TEFL teachers) had to watch about 80 kids for a couple hours while their parents got schooled and ate a posh dinner. I saw at least 3 of the same Angry Birds shirts being worn by kids. And probably a couple more that were not matching, but still Angry Bird related.
If you ask kids what their favorite cartoon is… most likely they’ll say Angry Birds! Or Mickey Mouse.

It’s not just the kids – it’s the adults too! On my first day in Thailand I saw a guy wearing a huge Angry Birds tshirt. In a tuk-tuk the other day, I noticed a woman wearing a polka-dot dress with a mickey emblem on the front… upon a closer look, the polkadots were actually mini-Mickeys. Then she left the tuk tuk and it was a giant Mickey on her back also!

I gave a class of 12(between ages 6-8) the option of choosing between Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Harry Potter.

Hello Kitty – 0 (even though one of the little girls was wearing the necklace!)
Harry Potter – 2 (one of the boys copied the other)
Mickey Mouse – 4 (again, a couple of them just copied what I drew on the board)
Angry Birds – 7! (The last kid didn’t put anything at all because he was trying to get away with napping)

Don’t underestimate the power of the Angry Birds! (Kids can draw them exceptionally as well)

 angry birds for dinner?

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