United we stand

Anywhere you go there is a Fourth of July. But not everywhere celebrates America’s Independence. The Brits call it America Day and go about banging their mash and drinking their tea wearing red coats and being British. (jk they just go about their own business)

I personally only claim to be half American most days of the year (south African mother). But when it comes the day to don my red white n blue, I make America proud.

My plan was to get hamburgers and hot dogs goin on a grill, but that proved to be difficult on a Wednesday (my busiest day of the week).
I was lucky enough to have found a great group if Americans at the beer pier and we drank merrily. The number one rule: Drink when someone says America.
We drank and sang songs we dont remember the words to obnoxiously the way all Americans do. We got Thai people to sing Happy Birthday America.

Another group of Americans called up and they happen to have hamburgers n hotdogs! And a few good southern boys found serious fireworks in a Chinese ice cream shop.

At some point the discussion got onto east coast vs west coast and north vs south n Yankees vs red sox. I listened and noted each point then I stood up and said (more or less):
We are Americans. We are the east coast and the west coast. We are the north and the south. We come from all over our great nation representing our teams and states and cities and towns. We can argue about baseball til the cows come home…but in the end what is baseball? It’s an American past time. American people. That’s what we are. Let’s put our squabbles aside for this one day and celebrate what unites all of us. We are Americans in a foreign country. Together we stand, divided we fall.

United we stood. Together we sang at restaurants and on the back of the motorbikes, together we ate, together we shot off fireworks from the roof of a house. Together we waited quietly inside while someone talked to the police that came out to tell us to stop shooting fireworks at midnight on a Wednesday.

We lit some sparklers and listened to some loud drunk American girls sing American turned religious songs. I’m sure they actually howled at some point as well.

Ah well, it was a beautiful night anyway.



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