How to Be a Respectful Roommate

Section A: The Living Room

1. If you leave your shoes there, put them where one will not trip.

2. If eating there, wipe down the table after you spilled the soup.

3. If drinking there, throw away/recycle the bottle when finished and clean your cup.

4. If you have guests, clean up after them if they can’t for themselves.


Section B: The Kitchen

1. Ants exist (especially in Thai kitchens) – wipe down the area that has been used into a trash bag, not the floor. (these areas include but are not limited to: stove top, sink, counter space, dining table, microwave, fridge)

2. Ants exist (especially in Thai kitchens) – don’t leave food that has been opened out of the fridge. 

3. Thank you for cleaning the entire inventory of utensils and dishes used, now put them away.

4. BUT don’t put the dishes away when ANTS are crawling all over them. 

5. Sweep up after your 1am pancake crumbs.

6. If you created two bags of trash, remove them. If not, let them just sit there.


Section C: The Bathroom

1. When male and female live together, put the toilet seat down. 

2. Remove the 5 empty bottles of Head&Shoulders that have piled up in the corner of the shower.

3. Replace the toilet paper when it’s run out. If it’s not your turn, then kindly inform the other to purchase it. 

4. Take the old toilet paper roll off and replace it with the new one!

5. Ants exist (especially in Thai bathrooms) – wipe down your spit and shavings from the counter. 

6. If mold starts to appear on your toothbrush or other vanity objects – get rid of said object… for your own health. 

7. Don’t mooch off the roommate’s toothpaste for a week. A day or two at most then replace your own. 

8. Wipe the floor, mirror, and door handle once in a while.

9. Do something simple like spray some bleach on the shower to clean it, and 20 minutes later rinse it off. Wiping isn’t even necessary. 


Section D: Bills

1. If you use aircon in Thailand, be prepared to pay for it. That shiz is expensive and it’s rude to pay only half if you’re the only one. 

2. Water bill only 85baht? High fives all around.

3. Communicate when the bill arrives and when it is due. Decide who will be in charge of paying it. 


Communication is Key. Without it, the doors for possibility stay closed. 


This is not directed toward any particular person. It is just a handy reminder to roommates everywhere. It doesn’t have to suck to live with someone. Be fair. 

Blame it on the..

It’s been a long while since I have posted an update. My apologies – I blame the heat. Actually, one can blame the heat for a lot of issues here:

A certain laziness sets in that makes joining a gym or working out just seem torturous. I luckily have looked past this (and into a mirror) and joined a gym that does not have air conditioning. They have fans, but I haven’t seen them on yet. I spend more here on a gym membership per month than I did in the States.

A rash is inevitable. Heat rash mostly. The constant Florida summer heat can make sensitive skin break out in ways and areas that make ZERO sense. Luckily, pharmacies are as accessible as the drugs they sell. I picked up some cortisone for 180Baht (roughly $6).

I blame the heat for bad hair days! Being a native Floridian, having a ‘good’ hair day keeping long hair straight for longer than 2 hours. Here… maybe there is, maybe there isn’t an excuse. It’s too hot to blow dry and straighten my hair. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve used a blow dryer… which was actually used for drying my paintings. The straightener bit was a few times more I think. I end up sweaty before I get through half of my head. However, Thai girls have good hair days everyday. I think they may wake up hours earlier than they should to make sure they look like dolls. Thai teachers especially. They rarely have an ‘off’ day. (Maybe I can blame the heat for the laziness of not getting up early to sweat from straightening my hair!)

I blame the heat for dirty clothes. Darling English people.. I know you LOVE to wear white in the worst combinations but white + heat = sweat stains. And they are obvious. I have a couple of white shirts that I have not and will not wear in Thailand. If not for the heat and sweat, then the rain that will give the Thai culture a real sense of spring breaks in Florida.

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