Confessions of a Night Owl

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin

The only thing that makes sense about this to me is the keyword “man.” I don’t speak for every woman out there. But I can promise you this: I am not a man.

If I am ‘early to bed’ I won’t sleep for another few hours, which will only cause unnecessary overthinking and overanalysing about things that don’t matter.

If I should be ‘early to rise’ I can damn well guarantee that I will lose a lot of friends by 10am. My personal motto is “I’ll smile after 10am.” I’m not mean, but I don’t come across as sunshine and rainbows. I don’t need coffee to wake me, but it’s a good prop for ‘do not disturb.’

I sit here at 9:50am typing this entry. I am TrYING to type this entry. I cannot begin to tell you how many typing, spelling, and grammatical errors I have had to go back and change. ((In that sentence alone I think I had to correct 8 spelling and 2 grammatical)). I’m not a bad speller – in fact I’m quite good at it. But I don’t function. My body and mind coordination doesn’t work. I’ll be asked later how I got that nasty bruise in the strangest of places on my arm. I may not recall, but chances are it happened before 10am and it was due to my seeing an object, trying to veer out of its way, and then pummeling directly into it.

I probably sound spoiled. But I have been lucky in life. I’m a massage therapist and now a TEFL teacher. Only on two very limited occasions have I had to get up for a job early. I worked the beverage cart on a golf course a few times and that was DAMNED early. But I got to drive around and sip on a bloody mary (don’t tell my boss) waiting for my favorite old men to order a coffee with one sugar (two if he wasn’t playing with his wife). The other was for a company working on a very popular Mouse property. That was hell. And I didn’t do very well with my massages… so they switched me to a later shift.

I usually get jobs that don’t require me to be clocked in before 10am. For teaching in Korea, I don’t have to be at work until 4pm! This means I don’t finish until 10pm. Sometimes it stinks.. but then again… I go to bed late anyway.

“The early bird catches the worm” – English Proverb

they forgot to mention… the night owl gets the mouse and sometimes other larger creatures.

No, this doesn’t apply to me. But I think it’s fun to say it.

Owls are interesting creatures aren’t they? There was an owl that frequented my neighborhood in the US. It was amazing to me, seeing it sitting on a lamp post or on top of the stop sign. My media filled imagination hoped for a few moments that I would have an envelope fly to me inviting me to join Hogwarts. But I know these owls are delivering parcels. They’re just taking care of any small wildlife problem we may have had in the neighborhood. But they were still so majestic.

If I were any animal… I wouldn’t be an owl. I’d probably be a sloth. They get to sleep and do nothing. It’s brilliant.owl painting

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  1. Kang Ju-won (강주원)
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 05:35:41

    As a night owl myself, I feel for you… For me, it comes down to efficiency, too. I seem to concentrate much better at night. But what I like about waking up early is, the day seems so much more longer.


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