The Good Old Days

My article with Tickets To: on trust in a foreign country


By Shannon Noni Selis

Growing up in a modern world required me to think on my feet. I was put into karate classes at a young and impressionable age and completed it through a double black belt level… or something rather. It was a while ago. Needless to say (you’d think), I can fight someone if it came down to it. I grew up with access to computers and the internet. I had an online boyfriend when I was 12 years old. He lived in California and we talked about everything. Ah, to be so young and trusting. Too bad my parents found out and gave me a lesson on how I could be stalked due to my inconsiderate actions.  To this day I wonder if the boy I talked to was a young person like I was, or if he was some pervert waiting for me to tell him…

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