– Resolutions

I’m not a resolutions type. Never have been. But the last few years haven’t been the best, so I’m pulling a Man in the Mirror. I’m gonna make a change for once in my life!

As previously mentioned, I like the numbers 2 and 4. Since they’re both mentioned in the year, I’m going to center my resolutions are the numbers.

2 – The minimum amount of new countries I will visit (Taiwan and Japan)

0 – My goal for a credit card statement.

1 –  attempt a 5K

4 – days a week of working out… (unless I can make it more.)

20 – have sex at least this much (it was a bad couple of years)

14 – lbs to be lost by 2015

201 – times I talk to my family

2-14 – Run two miles in 14 minutes ((I’m a really bad runner))

2014 – smiles (hypothetically)

So it seems health and fitness is what I will focus on this year. Look good, feel good.

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