I’m not sure what has possessed me to acquire these movies recently, but i have been on a 90s kick! I have watched some seriously CGI deficient movies and have loved them more than I did before. In particular, last night I watched Mortal Kombat.

That shit cray!! Foreal?? Scorpion is still my favorite. That thing coming out of his sliced hand freaks me the f* out!! However, still my favorite guy. “Get over here!!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled  a Scorpion when someone is walking away… except that i don’t have anything coming out of my hand. Sadly.
I am realizing while writing this that I think Zimbio is to blame. They’ve had those AWESOME quizzes recently for ’90s boyfriend’ ’90s tv show’ this that and the other. . .((( i’m proud to say I took the Michael Jackson song quiz and got ‘Scream’ – not man in the mirror, but i dont think it was an option))).

Zach Morris is my Bayside guy and Will Smith is my 90s boyfriend lol. Of course I got ‘Amber’ for the Clueless quiz… and yes I totally watched the movie after having taken that quiz. Not that I needed to, I practically know the entire movie.

Which got me onto the Brady Bunch movies. Freakin’ hilarious if you haven’t watched them recently. My friends seemed to think I was crazy for cracking up while watching Spice World: the Spice Girls Movie. That movie has EVERYTHING in it. Car chases, bridge jumps, babies, motorboats, aliens, boot camps, scary stories, and is ENTIRELY tracked by Spice Girl songs!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy, but that movie was hilarious.

I’ve obtained Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion and I will be watching that sometime this week. Unless I’m in japan… which is in like, 2 days!! <3!!

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