Dreading a 5K


I tried this ‘inspire me’ button today. And the following question is what came up:

“Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?”


Interestingly, I was going to write about stress. However, I do have something that I am pretty nervous about:

my first 5K.

I’m aware that hundreds of thousands of millions of people run more than this on a daily basis. But I’m not a runner. I’m a dancer. I can dance for hours! Running is bleh to me. But I was inspired by many new friends to start a running regime. I started training for the 5K back in november. I was doing great until I left for the States for a week.. and then had visitors and people crashing at my house for a month after. I started running again and registered for The Cherry Blossom Marathon (5K) in Gyeongju, South Korea. What better inspiration than to imagine myself frolicking through the beautiful pink flowers as they fall around me?

So I train. And I’ve been training. But I’ve been training in a gym on a treadmill. I had my furthest, fastest run last week. Then on the weekend, I decided it was a beautiful enough day that I would go for a 5K jog along the river. 

Geee-zuz. The wind was blowing, the children on little motorized cars were driving, the stupid little dogs were barking, the bike riders were flying past me, and the silly families and old people who insisted on walking next to each other blocked my path. How frustrating! I ran the first K pretty good. … and then I walked. And I ran and then walked a lot more. And more. And tried to run and started walking again. It was as if my feet were filled with cement! My self-diagnosed asthma was kicking in. I had just gotten new running shoes and I would love to blame those for my inability to run, but I know better. I only have myself to blame. Nike + runner was trying to give me an encouraging “Congratulations! You ran your longest run!”… aka: “You ran your slowest run!” 40 minutes to do 5K. I’m sure that’s not bad since it used to take me 20 minutes to run a mile 🙂

However, I was disappointed. I was discouraged. I still am. This was 5 days ago and I haven’t run since. My 5K is in 10 days. I literally wake up thinking about it and my lungs tighten up. I’m really anxious about this. 

I want to run in the gym. I like it there. No distractions, good music, forced running at a consistent speed, and definitely no tripping or falling. 

But I need to bite the bullet and do what I signed up to do. Tomorrow I will wake up earlier than I have been and run outside on the pavement like a normal runner. And hopefully, next week I will wake up at 7am (ZOMG!!!!) and run. Because that stupid race starts at 8am and I need to get used to that. Maybe I will have a renewed energy. But I need coffee before a good run. I need that extra push. And I definitely can’t run WITH anyone because I’ll end up talking or embarrassing myself at how bad I am. 


5K – 1; Shannon – 0.

I’ll let you know the results of the 5k in 10 days. Wish me luck. 

The Difficulty of Achieving a Dream

We all have that one dream. The dream to be a Hollywood star, or CEO of this or that. Maybe to own a yacht. That dream that you think is unachievable.

It’s achievable but you have to work for it. Duh, everyone tells us.

But when you want to be in the entertainment industry, you have to work for it.. and it helps to know someone.

My dream isn’t to be on screen or on stage (at one point it was). My talent is vocal. Those strange voices I did when I was young may have made me look strange or mentally ill at one point. I’m sure I embarrassed my brothers and family and friends at some point with the weird faces and noises I made. but after a while, I realized that these are skills that need to be honed. My talent.. voice over.

I loved cartoons growing up (who didn’t?). but I really LOVED the voices. I could impersonate them. When I do impressions of people, they’re kind of on par! Enough that people laugh a LOT. I realize they’re not laughing at ME, they’re laughing at my comedic ability!

I have taught myself over the years to sing, to change my accent or dialect, and to isolate facial muscle movement. Can you raise an eyebrow? Can you raise both individually back and forth rapidly? Can you wiggle your ears? stuff like that.. only I can move other muscles with such subtlety that you don’t realize it without a compare contrast picture. (This technique is amazing for making students nervous). It has helped me to develop voices and characters.

All I want to do is be a voice. A voice for a commercial is great. But what about being a character.

I would do anything to get to work with Seth McFarlane or Mel Brooks. My idols are Dana Carvey (Garth!.. check out his standup from HBO), Robin Williams, and Mel Brooks. They’re incredibly talented. They’re the weird ones though right? But they’re INCREDIBLE!

Anyway, I’m finally pursuing this dream. I need a good microphone and/or a studio. But I live in a studio and it’s definitely not helpful for recording. Thanks to my friend Brandon, I have finally recorded two demo reels. One for commercial and the other for Animation. If you’d like to listen to them, check it out


If you want a voice recording for a video or presentation let me know! I can also do phone answering recordings. Leave me a comment and I’ll send you a private message!

And for your pleasure.. here’s a head shot from 10 years ago!summer's pic 1

The Promotion


By Shannon Selis

There are two kinds of people in this world. . . before I continue I realize this is quite a general statement. I’d like to first state that I realize there are wayyyy more than two kinds of people, but for all intents and purposes run with it. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who work at a job they hate but tolerate and those who do exactly what they love. Those who tolerate their jobs tend to live a mediocre happy life. They can’t complain because they have a job, right? And who can afford to switch jobs in this day and age. Then there are the people who love what they do. They found a way to make a living doing what makes them most happy. Hopefully they don’t get sick of it, right? They can’t because they truly love their…

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Resolutions Update!

It has been just over two months since New Years. I think it’s time to let you all know how my resolutions are holding up.

The top resolution is the original, the bottom is the update.

2 – The minimum amount of new countries I will visit (Taiwan and Japan)
***1/2- I visited Japan for 3 days***

0 – My goal for a credit card statement.
***…working on it still.***

1 –  attempt a 5K
***I am proud to announce that I have registered for my first 5K on April 6th. I will be running in Korea’s Cherry Blossom Marathon —the 5K version***

4 – days a week of working out… (unless I can make it more.)

***embarrassed to admit my lack of working out. now that i have no more visitors or vacations, I fully intend on refueling this resolution***

20 – have sex at least this much (it was a bad couple of years) note: this does not necessarily mean with different people!! i’m not that much of a whore (maybe)!
***4/20 – ;)***

14 – lbs to be lost by 2015

201 – times I talk to my family
***i have lost count, but i’m doing ok!***

2-14 – Run two miles in 14 minutes ((I’m a really bad runner))
***let’s work on just running one mile***

2014 – smiles (hypothetically)
***the ’20’ resolution is helping***

So it seems health and fitness is what I will focus on this year. Look good, feel good.

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