For the first time in my life, I will be staying at a job for longer than 1 year.

… Reading that helps me realize that I may come across as an unreliable worker. In my defense, I move a lot. I like to see the world and sometimes that’s for a year at a time. Sometimes, the job just doesn’t work out. As a massage therapist, you have to choose your battles and workplaces wisely. Interestingly enough, the two jobs that I had more than a year experience with were part time: 1. Dancing for an entertainment company (noooo not the stripper kind – think ‘hype man’) 2. serving/bev cart at a local country club.


I have decided to stay in Korea for one more year. I am not staying to spite my family (although some family members may feel differently). I am not staying because I love Korea (I haven’t even tried to learn the language). I am not staying because there are not other jobs.

I am staying because I’m finally comfortable enough in a place to stay. I have a large studio apartment furnished with a nice 3D tv, a double/queen bed, a vanity, a hammock, and a kitchen most tenants wish they had.

I have a job teaching advanced students (age 12-16) and I’m the only foreign teacher on this level. I work with 10 other foreign teachers at my school and most of us get along REALLY well. My managers respect me and my opinion. They listen to me when I have a problem and work with me to solve it. They promoted me to ‘head teacher’… which wasn’t even a position that existed before. They want to revamp the AMS (advanced middle school) program and look for my advice on the curriculum. They haven’t fired me even after a few students quit (unofficially because of me… I assume. G-d forbid the students should do homework for a change).

I have a group of friends that I generally like. I have no clue if they like me that much.. and most of them are only staying until March 2015. But I have people to hang out with. And if that stops, well i have a 3D tv and some paint supplies to entertain me.

I have certain conveniences. I have a Costco nearby and a motorbike to get me around town. Yes I hate the winter, but tough. No, I can’t find pants or bras that fit me, but that’s more encouragement to lose weight.

I’ll be making money.. and I’ll be able to save it for once. Not only will I leave with a few Gs in my pocket, but I make a few bucks doing massage as well. I have a steady clientele building up here and at my SERIOUSLY DISCOUNTED rates, I can keep them around.

I’ll be contributing some of my food ideas to the monthly foreigner market. Maybe, just maybe, I can start a mini pickling business and sell the delicious food I make. I can start trying out my bestie’s recipes from and wowing the people of this city.

I’ll get a two week vacation at some point and maybe my family will come visit me finally.

September 2015… it’s not THAT far off, right?IMG_3305

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