Ulsan Foreigner Market

My Experience at the Foreigner Market


By Shannon Selis

Many places in South Korea have every convenience from your native country. My city, Ulsan, is large, but does not necessarily have all these conveniences. The best thing is definitely a Costco. Due to the lack of readily available home goods, a group of foreigners (to Korea) have come together to create a monthly market. It is here that people from all over the world gather to sell their wares and services. One of the most popular vendors is known as the Eonyong Cook. He sells homemade pies: shepherd’s pie, beef + Guinness, cheesy onion, quiche, etc. He pretty much started the market as well. The pies have gotten so popular that he has to make a preorder list for people or they will sell out in the first hour. One guy preordered 15 pies for the June market. Another lady sells homemade breads. Her friend sells…

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