What a shmuck!

I have not been updating this blog. I am such a shmuck. Not that I really have followers or anything, but I will probably be posting a lot of updates over the next couple of weeks.

At least that is what I am telling myself.

Honestly, I have been neglecting my computer. I feel like I haven’t given it a good cleaning (internal or external) in a while. I have barely even turned it on, except to do some voice recording. Which will be a post in itself. So much has changed and I have not told the world about it. Because the world MUST know about my situation.

Here’s a mini preview of what is to come:
My trip to Malaysia (back in February)
My mom’s visit to Korea (back in June)
My changing of the job (again)
My voiceover career (finaaalllyy)
Where I am and What I do
My Lil Secret (that isn’t really a secret I guess..)
My Weight Loss! (WHAT!!!)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – Because knowing what kind of camera I use it vital?

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