Light One Up in Thailand

I really enjoy light, however. Thailand has some very pretty light things going on.

Their lanterns are fantastic. It’s amazing to see people celebrate their holidays with cool traditions like that. Thailand just celebrated a couple holidays recently: Loy Krathong and Father’s Day/King’s birthday. The lanterns filled the skies and turning into small specks amongst the stars. It reminds me a bit of Florida when the shuttle took off. Obviously those are completely different scenarios – I’ve probably offended some NASA people by comparing a lantern to a space shuttle – not my intention I ASSURE you.

But the way the light is so close and then just disappears really hits home. If you ever get the chance to send off a lantern, don’t pass up on it. (And if you’re in Hawaii, don’t pass up a lei – those things are fantastic.) You can get different kinds of lanterns too.. there are angry birds, angry pigs, doremon?, and zebra stripes, etc. So get creative with it!

I also reverted for a few minutes to my 5 year old self. I saw a firefly. A lightning bug. Amazing. They’re there and then they aren’t! It’s like magic. I was mesmerized by these little buggers. The Thai folk we were drinking with laughed quite a bit at my expense.. but I couldn’t care. How can one care when a bug that has a light-up butt be anything but the most important thing at that time?

The floating lanterns aren’t the only amazing light spectacles. All along the river the trees and light posts are lit up like christmas. There are these oversized and ¬†ridiculous light fixtures on the side of the road. Some of bunnies that look a bit like a kangaroo, others are strange little people doing random things. I know that was very vague, but look at the pictures and you’ll understand.

There are some very cool lights, lamps, and lanterns all throughout Thailand and I love every moment of it. If you visit Thailand, make sure you take some of these light creations home. They’re not found in the US for sure.

Of course there are Angry bird lanterns.

Of course there are Angry bird lanterns.


Handmade floating flower arrangements with a candle and a prayer.

Handmade floating flower arrangements with a candle and a prayer.

Let the lantern go and blend in with the stars

Let the lantern go and blend in with the stars

Angry Birds: The Fad

If you’re coming to Thailand to teach English – bring anything Mickey Mouse or Angry Bird related. They LOVE that shit!

At a parent presentation, I (and my fellow TEFL teachers) had to watch about 80 kids for a couple hours while their parents got schooled and ate a posh dinner. I saw at least 3 of the same Angry Birds shirts being worn by kids. And probably a couple more that were not matching, but still Angry Bird related.
If you ask kids what their favorite cartoon is… most likely they’ll say Angry Birds! Or Mickey Mouse.

It’s not just the kids – it’s the adults too! On my first day in Thailand I saw a guy wearing a huge Angry Birds tshirt. In a tuk-tuk the other day, I noticed a woman wearing a polka-dot dress with a mickey emblem on the front… upon a closer look, the polkadots were actually mini-Mickeys. Then she left the tuk tuk and it was a giant Mickey on her back also!

I gave a class of 12(between ages 6-8) the option of choosing between Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Harry Potter.

Hello Kitty – 0 (even though one of the little girls was wearing the necklace!)
Harry Potter – 2 (one of the boys copied the other)
Mickey Mouse – 4 (again, a couple of them just copied what I drew on the board)
Angry Birds – 7! (The last kid didn’t put anything at all because he was trying to get away with napping)

Don’t underestimate the power of the Angry Birds! (Kids can draw them exceptionally as well)

 angry birds for dinner?

Thai Thaime

I now live in Surat Thani, Thailand. ((For those who haven’t caught on.. the ‘th’ is pronounced like a regular ‘T’))

Originally, my housing situation (set up by the school I was hired by) consisted of 2 English brothers and myself in a sweet house. Another American girl decided to stay at the house as well in a make-shift room. It’s cool for now.

Upon arrival, I went up to my room and was greeted with my welcome/birthday presents: an angry birds balloon (which I think will last forever), a clock with the Thai King, and a small bag of horrible gummy bears. Written on the plastic around the clock was the following:

Now you can tell Thaime!

Brilliant! And thus, I have adopted this fun saying into my blog’s title. And I use ‘thai’ in words as often as possible, ie: Both teams finished the race, it was a thai! I think I’m hysterical… others disagree.

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