Kitten Crisis

I have a cat back at home. His name is Mr. Mistofelees. Like from Cats (the musical). He hates me. I don’t blame him. I took him in when he was about to be abandoned while I was in college. My roommate and group of friends all had a kitten from the same litter and this cat was the only one not taken. The guy who was getting rid of the kittens never came back for him either. I felt obligated. I took him in and tried to give him the love he deserved. Unfortunately I was on a crazy schedule of working the graveyard for Jimmy John’s and barely had time for the kitten. Oh yea, and no pets allowed in our apartments. When I finally got caught, he went to my mother’s house for a couple of months. Then I moved to Gainesville and brought him with me. perhaps that’s when his hatred began. He was stuck in a house with dogs that he hated while I was in school. I would feed him at odd hours and throw him across the room because I didn’t know how to handle my anger back then.
He moved in with my mother officially when I moved to Hawai’i. I wanted to bring him with me but mother-dearest said it wasn’t a good idea. So she took him in. I had tried to get him back at one point by getting HER a cat so she wouldn’t feel lonely. That didn’t work out.. now she has two cats and they love each other (actually Bobo aka Mr. Mistofelees isn’t a fan of Zula, but whatevs).


So here I am in South Korea. I’ve matured a bit and have a better hang on how to care for animals. I joined a group called Animal Rescue Korea (ARK) in hopes of fostering a dog. I’m hoping fostering a dog would get me out of the house a bit and more exercised. Also, companionship yadda yadda.

Well, about a week or two before I was going to visit and start fostering a dog, a friend of mine said she needed help with a kitten. She found it on the streets and took it in. Then she was released from her contract and noticing allergic reactions to the cat hair. Without thinking, I said I would help. Honestly, I was thinking that I was going to watch it for a week or two while someone else came to adopt it.


It’s been 3 weeks. Two people have showed interest in adoption but never actually go through with it. I’ve been recommended to two or three people who would foster her, but in the end they actually don’t want to foster her.

She’s a sweet kitten. I named her Maow since that’s what she does. It’s cute too. Her playing, her face, her stubbed tail, her maow, her sleeping – it’s all SO adorable. But I’m not wanting a cat right now. I don’t want her to get overly comfortable or me get too attached. I need to find her another foster home or a person to adopt her.

So I made a video in hopes of getting her adopted. Please share it with friends. She is located in ulsan, south korea but can be couriered to another country. Please please help this sweet girl – else she goes to a shelter.


Everyone’s favorite area to get massage. It’s probably the most requested area (aside from happy ending areas) to massage.
And I hate them.
Feet are dirty and often neglected.

There are so many disgusting stories about people and their feet. But I’m only going to share one that is short and sweet.

Of course, being from orlando I worked for a very popular mouse… Correction: worked on property. People from all over the world come here and walk around with their heavy backpacks and obese children and the overly clunky strollers. Naturally a massage is what they want. But few consider when booking the massage that it takes forever to get to the spa on a mouse-bus.
To boot (heeehee: boot-feet? Get it?), this couple is running late. They have been at Animal Kungdom all day and booked an hour massage plus 30min reflexology. After showing up nearly 30 min late they rush to drop their monster sized bags in the massage room rather than the locker area provided. Mr Whateverman is on the table and expressing how excited he is to get this massage. “We’ve been at Animal Kungdom since 9am. Sorry we are late. We came straight from the park”.
Me: no shit Sherlock. I can smell the rhino and bird crap on you “oh wow! Long day, huh?”
Mr Whateverman: “yea. Do you mind just working a few minutes on the back then focus on feet?”
Me: of course! (enter Disney smile)

After less than a minute of massaging his back I notice my hands are feeling dirty. His back is covered in the chunks of the mixture of dirt, sweat, and lavender massage oil. I literally had to wipe him down with washcloths. More than one. Each effleurage stroke rubbed the dirt off his nasty back onto my precious hands. (If you don’t understand then put some sunscreen on your arms or legs and go camping then rub your skin before your shower and see what peels off. )
After his darling back massage I pulled the sheets back from his feet. (I literally had to pause writing this just now because the memory of his feet is so appalling).
The bottom of his feet were black. Not just a little dirt. It looked as if he walked around Animal Kungdom’s shitpile wearing charcoal socks in shoes with freshly painted black soles.
The smell emanating from it caused me to silently gag.
I used without exaggeration 10 wet/warm washcloths just to clean his feet. Two of the cloths I had poured lavender and peppermint oils onto. The first half of the foot massage was just cleaning his feet. I think I started to actually massage them when I reached a pale pinkish gray hue.
I sat as far as I could reach from the feet.
I don’t recall the rest of the massage or if mr Whateverman liked it. But please people: do not go to Animal Kungdom in flip flops for 9 hours then go straight into a massage. Take a damn shower. Or at the very least clean your feet.

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