Thai Thaime

I now live in Surat Thani, Thailand. ((For those who haven’t caught on.. the ‘th’ is pronounced like a regular ‘T’))

Originally, my housing situation (set up by the school I was hired by) consisted of 2 English brothers and myself in a sweet house. Another American girl decided to stay at the house as well in a make-shift room. It’s cool for now.

Upon arrival, I went up to my room and was greeted with my welcome/birthday presents: an angry birds balloon (which I think will last forever), a clock with the Thai King, and a small bag of horrible gummy bears. Written on the plastic around the clock was the following:

Now you can tell Thaime!

Brilliant! And thus, I have adopted this fun saying into my blog’s title. And I use ‘thai’ in words as often as possible, ie: Both teams finished the race, it was a thai! I think I’m hysterical… others disagree.

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