Don’t Let the Door Hit ya, 2013!

I don’t think I’ve ever looked more forward to a year ending. 2013 was not the best year for me.

Sure, I was living in Thailand and had a job for a bit in the States over summer, and was practically handed the job in South Korea. Yes, that was all fine and dandy… but it was a physically and emotionally shitty year.

I’m not much into numerology, but I do have lucky numbers and I have a particular aversion to odd numbers. I strongly dislike the number 3. But I’m pulled to 2 and 4 (with 8 as a backup if necessary). This year has both numbers in it and I intend on making it a good one.

Last year I gained about 10-15lbs. That’s more than I gained over the last 10 years. I got laid once, and it wasn’t all that great. I was so broke that my friends and family snuck money to me (I’m stubborn about borrowing). My dreams were vivid and hard to swallow. I had so many bad dreams that I stopped writing about them. I dreamed of murder and death. I dreamed about my ex’s engagement (which he was within 2 weeks). I watched from abroad as people I cared deeply about got married or had babies.

There were some great parts though. I woke up in 2013 in Hong Kong. I completed my first year of teaching. I learned some Thai massage in Thailand. I surprised my family when I came back to the states, including my cousin when she was shopping for a wedding dress. It was classic. I got to enjoy hot dogs on the beach with my grandparents on Memorial Day. I watched someone who has been the closest person to a big sister get married… and I partied with her in Chicago for the bachelorette party! That Chicago introduced me to a new friend who will probably be the only person to come visit me in South Korea. I got to start a good paying job in South Korea thanks to my friend Ben, who I have known since kindergarten. See it wasn’t so bad.

But I am so happy to say goodbye to 2013. I have a lot of friends that say the new year will treat you the way you treated New Year’s. The past few years have not been memorable NYE. This one definitely was. I started it with a ‘bang.’  It’s time for change.

The Arrival

My plane landed at a tiny airport. There may have been 2 gates. I’m not unused to that. Suratthani was practically a dirt runway. But who cares?! I’m in Korea, Bitches!!

Quick history: Ben and I have known each other since Kindergarten. We have had countless classes together from Kindie through high school. We live minutes away from each other (on bicycles). I made sure to keep in touch with him through the years.

Naturally, my excitement was building. I sipped on the only 5 hour energy drink I brought with me. I knew this was going to be a long night because 1. in order to avoid jet lag, one should stay awake late to adjust 2. it was ben’s last weekend with everyone

I got my luggage and as I was about to sit down outside waiting for my familiar friend, I saw a skinny white guy walking

into the airport. I called out and he turned. We half heartedly ran to each other (neither of us like to run) and embraced as old friends do. He brought his Scottish friend Tom with him. And both were drinking a beer. And I’m pretty sure that was not the first. Or second of the night. They helped me with the luggage and we laughed and drank to Mugeodong. They helped me get to my ‘Sheraton.’ The motel sheraton. The “love” motel as many would call it. I took a quick rinse and freshened up my makeup. Ben took me to his apartment where about 15 people were eating and drinking. They were quite far ahead of me. I met a few south africans (!!!!), some scots, some canadiens, some americans. It was a lovely mix of people. Of course, starving, I grabbed a quick bite from the potluck sitting in front of me and then was shuffled out. We were on our way to my first noribong experience. ((noribong – music room – karaoke sort of))

We stopped by a bar called Purple Haze and drank. We took pictures and chatted. I met new friends.

Old Friends(Ben and I at Purple haze).. we got ‘photo-BOB-bed’ until we realized that it was jimmy hendrix behind us. not bob marley. but

there is a bit of bob marley behind me.

After some festivities there, we moved on to a place that I hav

e no idea what its called. We got a private room and started singing.


We started around midnight. We sang our brains out.

Ben and Tasha

We sang til our throats were sore. I watched these ridiculous Korean music videos that had nothing to do with the song that was being sung.

Terrible video

We drank beers bigger than a microphone. I was introduced to Soju.

Max beerWe sang. We danced. We laughed. I got tired for a minute. Natasha took me to get a quick bite. I grabbed a couple of bottles vitamin waters. We sang more. And then we finally wore down. I watched as Ben and his friends embraced and felt the heaviness of his departure. I felt a little sad because that was nothing like the departure I had from Thailand. I dont know if I even got a hug from anyone. But that is past. And now I hope to build new friendships with people here.

Anyway, we finally left. It was past 5am. We walked back to the apartments and motels. I said my goodbyes. I saw pictures of Korean girls on the floor near the elevators. A ‘love’ motel indeed. I went upstairs and wrote an email. I went to sleep at 6am.

Now that’s the way to start a journey over seas.


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