2018 Resolutions Mid-year Update

6 months in and half a dozen left in 2018. And I am doing a SHIT job with this.


Resolution 1: Follow through.
Whether it’s a text message, a blog entry, an application, whatever! I will follow through with it.

—UPDATE: You’ll notice my last blog post was the resolutions post. FAILED. And  I have had SO many drafted messages (text and email). So SUPER FAILED.

Resolution 2: Weight Loss
Yup. Back on the list. I have been through a lot with this one. One year I gained a lot and then next I lost it. Last year, I gained a lot again. Whether it was stress, diet, hormonal, or lack of exercise — it will not be repeated. I admit I am more than 160lbs. That’s bad. My final goal is to be between 120-130. If I get down to 140, I’ll be pleased. If I plateau at 135, I’ll be still quite happy.
How will I change this? I’ve already started watching what I’m eating. I’m cooking for myself again and tracking how much I’m eating and when.
I’m going to also give myself 30 day food challenges. 30 Days with no pizza. The next 30 with no Mexican food, etc. Let’s see how long that lasts. Taco Tuesday will rue the day.

—UPDATE: Not great. I’m down only about 5 lbs? I’m steady at 157lb. I’ve had a lot of stomach stuff going on this year though and I’m not sure how much to attribute to that. I’m getting a hernia repair surgery again tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens from that.
That 30 day food challenge thing? Meh. I made it halfway through the Whole30 Diet. I did make it 30 days without pizza.
Regardless of excuses — FAIL

Resolution 2.5: Exercise
To follow up the weight loss through diet, I am also challenging myself to be more active again. In Korea, I had hills and stairs to climb every day. I didn’t drive as often, so I wasn’t as lazy. Being back in Orlando, I don’t have the natural inclines or the beautiful hiking options. But I do have lakes and water, along with a new paddleboard. I want to get a few hours of paddling in a week if I can (weather permitting). I’m also going to take advantage of ‘New Student’ specials offered by gyms and fitness studios. The first will be 40 days $40 Power Yoga. The next will be 30 day Barre classes. Having these near to my work will allow me to keep to a schedule while avoiding traffic. Let’s see how it goes.

—UPDATE: Semi-fail. While I’m not working out regularly, I did do the 40 day Power Yoga and most of barre classes. I haven’t done much more than that though. I’ll jump into a hot yoga class when I can or go paddle board or bike ride once a week.

Resolution 3: Make that money!
My new job is wonderful. But no lie, it does NOT pay very well. True, I get paid better than others in my position at the company, but it’s just not that much!! So I need to get back my passion projects. Voice acting and massage therapy. Today I reapplied for my Florida massage license. As soon as I’m done with this cold, I hope to start my voice over demos again and start auditioning. I need additional income one way or another.

—UPDATE: FAIL!! I have not done a single massage since I got my license renewed. I auditioned for a few voiceovers but to no avail. It’s all I talk about is getting back into this or that and making a little extra money. This hernia repair will delay the massage part another month or two. Maybe I can Uber again?

Resolution 4: Stick with the Blogging!!
That was my resolution last year and I SUCKED at it. In fact, I went the ENTIRE year without a single blog post. Luckily, I’ve started a new blog that is not connected with this one. If you are interested in checking it out, I ask that you contact me privately. It’s not meant for everyone. Not yet at least.
I hope that I have some new experiences I can share via WittyLMT as well.

—UPDATE: obvious fail. But better than last year, I didn’t go a whole year.. only half of one. And that other blog I tried to create, I’ll put some of the posts up here because I have too many blogs going on.

Resolution 5: Visit 2 new places this year!
In the past, I have said that I will visit 2 new countries. That maybe more difficult now that I’m state-side and not making the money I did before, and living in a higher-cost-of-living location. This year, I’d like to visit 2 places in the US that I’ve never been. Considering that I’ve barely been around the US, this should be easy. Let’s rack up some mileage points, hey?

—UPDATE: FAIL. My BFF and I are planning on a trip to Arizona (and Canada, and Seattle, and Tennessee, and Utah, and…). But without having anything actually planned.. it may also be a future fail.


Halfway 2018 Update Overall: FAIL!! I am a loser. I am not doing well with this. My resolutions are not unrealistic, but I lack motivation, money, and friends. I’m working on it, but obviously not hard enough. Maybe this blog post will help whip me into shape. Literally and figuratively.



For the first time in my life, I will be staying at a job for longer than 1 year.

… Reading that helps me realize that I may come across as an unreliable worker. In my defense, I move a lot. I like to see the world and sometimes that’s for a year at a time. Sometimes, the job just doesn’t work out. As a massage therapist, you have to choose your battles and workplaces wisely. Interestingly enough, the two jobs that I had more than a year experience with were part time: 1. Dancing for an entertainment company (noooo not the stripper kind – think ‘hype man’) 2. serving/bev cart at a local country club.


I have decided to stay in Korea for one more year. I am not staying to spite my family (although some family members may feel differently). I am not staying because I love Korea (I haven’t even tried to learn the language). I am not staying because there are not other jobs.

I am staying because I’m finally comfortable enough in a place to stay. I have a large studio apartment furnished with a nice 3D tv, a double/queen bed, a vanity, a hammock, and a kitchen most tenants wish they had.

I have a job teaching advanced students (age 12-16) and I’m the only foreign teacher on this level. I work with 10 other foreign teachers at my school and most of us get along REALLY well. My managers respect me and my opinion. They listen to me when I have a problem and work with me to solve it. They promoted me to ‘head teacher’… which wasn’t even a position that existed before. They want to revamp the AMS (advanced middle school) program and look for my advice on the curriculum. They haven’t fired me even after a few students quit (unofficially because of me… I assume. G-d forbid the students should do homework for a change).

I have a group of friends that I generally like. I have no clue if they like me that much.. and most of them are only staying until March 2015. But I have people to hang out with. And if that stops, well i have a 3D tv and some paint supplies to entertain me.

I have certain conveniences. I have a Costco nearby and a motorbike to get me around town. Yes I hate the winter, but tough. No, I can’t find pants or bras that fit me, but that’s more encouragement to lose weight.

I’ll be making money.. and I’ll be able to save it for once. Not only will I leave with a few Gs in my pocket, but I make a few bucks doing massage as well. I have a steady clientele building up here and at my SERIOUSLY DISCOUNTED rates, I can keep them around.

I’ll be contributing some of my food ideas to the monthly foreigner market. Maybe, just maybe, I can start a mini pickling business and sell the delicious food I make. I can start trying out my bestie’s recipes from http://www.anotherfoodthing.wordpress.com and wowing the people of this city.

I’ll get a two week vacation at some point and maybe my family will come visit me finally.

September 2015… it’s not THAT far off, right?IMG_3305

Big money!

When people win big at the casino, they win BIG. I have been there when one person won $18k at a slot machine, another won $79k at another slot machine, etc. Some of the stories I hear though are of people who are idiots and publicize their winnings while at the casino (by screaming, crying, jumping around, telling everyone, etc). I’ve heard of people getting robbed by their cars, others being followed home and robbed in their driveway, and some people killed at the gas station where they stop for lotto tickets. Mostly this is because they choose to take their winnings home in cash form. The smart ones take a check.

Walking around the casino, I passed by a woman saying:

“If I win big, I’m going to request my cash to be put in take-out boxes so it looks like I just ordered a bunch of food to-go.”


Helllllooooo? BRILLIANT! I’m sure her husband would be proud.

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