The Difficulty of Achieving a Dream

We all have that one dream. The dream to be a Hollywood star, or CEO of this or that. Maybe to own a yacht. That dream that you think is unachievable.

It’s achievable but you have to work for it. Duh, everyone tells us.

But when you want to be in the entertainment industry, you have to work for it.. and it helps to know someone.

My dream isn’t to be on screen or on stage (at one point it was). My talent is vocal. Those strange voices I did when I was young may have made me look strange or mentally ill at one point. I’m sure I embarrassed my brothers and family and friends at some point with the weird faces and noises I made. but after a while, I realized that these are skills that need to be honed. My talent.. voice over.

I loved cartoons growing up (who didn’t?). but I really LOVED the voices. I could impersonate them. When I do impressions of people, they’re kind of on par! Enough that people laugh a LOT. I realize they’re not laughing at ME, they’re laughing at my comedic ability!

I have taught myself over the years to sing, to change my accent or dialect, and to isolate facial muscle movement. Can you raise an eyebrow? Can you raise both individually back and forth rapidly? Can you wiggle your ears? stuff like that.. only I can move other muscles with such subtlety that you don’t realize it without a compare contrast picture. (This technique is amazing for making students nervous). It has helped me to develop voices and characters.

All I want to do is be a voice. A voice for a commercial is great. But what about being a character.

I would do anything to get to work with Seth McFarlane or Mel Brooks. My idols are Dana Carvey (Garth!.. check out his standup from HBO), Robin Williams, and Mel Brooks. They’re incredibly talented. They’re the weird ones though right? But they’re INCREDIBLE!

Anyway, I’m finally pursuing this dream. I need a good microphone and/or a studio. But I live in a studio and it’s definitely not helpful for recording. Thanks to my friend Brandon, I have finally recorded two demo reels. One for commercial and the other for Animation. If you’d like to listen to them, check it out

If you want a voice recording for a video or presentation let me know! I can also do phone answering recordings. Leave me a comment and I’ll send you a private message!

And for your pleasure.. here’s a head shot from 10 years ago!summer's pic 1

The Mechanic’s Terminology

A friend of mine put a tiny dent into my car back on a popular summer holiday. He sent me to a mechanic friend of his to get it fixed. This mechanic was a big Italian (possibly) New York kinda guy. *You know… the giant gold cross necklace with fat fingers and creeping eyes* While waiting for a response from my friend on whether to go through with the $500 charge (obviously a rip off) the man and I were talking. He had seen my massage table and asked if that’s what I do. Instead of lying, I said ‘yea. I do outcalls.’ He said he could give me a bigger discount on the car if I gave him a  massage. I’m open to barter and trades so I said ‘Sure. Give me a call.’ Clearly, it had been before 10am since I gave him my card (aka I wasn’t awake yet). I also may have been thinking, “By the time this guy calls, I’ll be out of the country.” My friend ended up not wanting to pay $500 to fix a dent smaller than my fist (duh) so I left.

A few days ago I got a call from The Mechanic. He goes on about how his back hurts from his job and how Massage Envy doesn’t provide the massages he wants when he wants it and how he’s stressed and needs some stress relief. *BING* Flag  is up. Stress relief can mean two very different things in the massage world. It could mean ‘I have a lot of stress and I’d like to relax please’ or ‘I have a very specific location that I hold stress particularly south of my stomach and north of my thighs’. For some reason though (maybe the previously mentioned creeping eyes) stress relief sounded not quite right. But because it wasn’t blatant I had to keep going with my intake. I asked what time length he was looking for… 30? 60? 90? He responded with ‘Wow. Yea 90 minutes would be great.’ I said ‘ok! Just so you know, a 90 minute massage will cost $100’ and he responds with ‘Yea $100. $200. Whatever’ (((((???? okayyyyyy….))))) *BING* Flag turns orange – something doesn’t seem right with $100, $200, whatever.
My warning flag’s color change prompted me to explain what areas of the body I work on in a 90 minute massage. He said ‘yea uh huh okay’ a few times and responded with ‘Well is there any other therapeutic extras you offer? You know for stress relief?’ *Bing Bing Bing* Warning Warning. My flag is now red. Code red. Hooker nail polish red. ‘I usually offer hot stone massage or aromatherapy, sir. But those upgrades are currently unavailable’. “ookay” says he.

Therapeutic meaning therapy. Meaning something maybe out of balance or injured and needs repairing. In this case, The Mechanic used an excellent term to refer to an inappropriate action. Sneaky… but I’m smarter than that, douche.

I proceeded anyway (again, not quite post-coffee time). “May I have an address where the massage will take place?” ‘Uh.. I’m at a friend’s house so I’ll text it to you.’ “Okay, can you give me a general area so I know how to calculate the gas cost please?’ He tells me that part of town. “I’ll see you at 4:30, Mechanic?” ‘Yea. 4 sounds great. See you then. But call before, I want to make sure I’m awake and ready for you.’

He sends me a text with the address and, go figure, the address does not exist. The zip code is correct but the street (in all various blvds, st, rd, pl, ave, etc) does not exist. After my coffee and the review of the alarms ringing and flags waving in my face I realized I needed to cancel that massage. So I called to no answer. To no voicemail. I would think that a businessman would have a voicemail. Or anyone that has a cell phone ever. So I did the most unprofessional thing I could think of… I cancelled via text. My responses were ‘bbbkffpprrr. z. fjklf’ followed by ‘message right.’ followed by ‘flkjrjrrbkfflazzzz’ and again ‘too late’. I had a voicemail with no missed call that was 3 minutes of nothingness. Sorry Mr. Mechanic. But not really.

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