Kreative Koreans



My students have to read nonfiction books. Then they have to write a creative story integrating the topic into the story. For example, Topic: Grand Canyon… so the setting is in the Grand Canyon. Tell a creative story and use some facts about what you read in the story.


K – Topic: Benjamin Franklin

Story Summary – “Benjamin Franklin is a very naughty boy.” (Whoa good start) He often gets into trouble for buying games without his parents permission. He tries to fight the biggest guy in school and loses, so of course they become best friends. Oscar, the big guy, wants to kill everyone at school except himself and Ben. So they build a bomb. But the teacher sees it and gets rid of it (somehow). The next day, she puts sleeping medicine in their lunch and slits their throats. Also… this book is not recommended by K because it is boring and Benjamin Franklin looks boring.

o.O  ?????


M – Topic: World Atlas

Story Summary – The air goes on an adventure around the world and sees cool sights. Being the air, it goes for free and flies around the world. It also manages to switch the time on Big Ben and confuse people until the top of the tower hits it and it gets hurt. Then it breaks off the nose of the Sphinx in Egypt. It is hurt again because “those rocks are really big.” So it goes home and tells of its adventures to its friend, the air (same name, no relation), and they decide to do it all over again even though it is dangerous to travel.


J – Topic: Motorcycles (((ps this is a girl who chose to write about motorcycles.. sweet)))

Story Summary – A racer buys an expensive motorbike and wants to race another racer. So the racer sees the other racer’s bike and is nervous because one bike goes 305 km/h and the other goes 306 km/h. HUGE difference. So number 03 and number 04 race and number 04 is winning until number 03 comes through and wins.

—-I have no idea which racer was which. She refused to name them or identify their numbers—-




Dreading a 5K


I tried this ‘inspire me’ button today. And the following question is what came up:

“Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?”


Interestingly, I was going to write about stress. However, I do have something that I am pretty nervous about:

my first 5K.

I’m aware that hundreds of thousands of millions of people run more than this on a daily basis. But I’m not a runner. I’m a dancer. I can dance for hours! Running is bleh to me. But I was inspired by many new friends to start a running regime. I started training for the 5K back in november. I was doing great until I left for the States for a week.. and then had visitors and people crashing at my house for a month after. I started running again and registered for The Cherry Blossom Marathon (5K) in Gyeongju, South Korea. What better inspiration than to imagine myself frolicking through the beautiful pink flowers as they fall around me?

So I train. And I’ve been training. But I’ve been training in a gym on a treadmill. I had my furthest, fastest run last week. Then on the weekend, I decided it was a beautiful enough day that I would go for a 5K jog along the river. 

Geee-zuz. The wind was blowing, the children on little motorized cars were driving, the stupid little dogs were barking, the bike riders were flying past me, and the silly families and old people who insisted on walking next to each other blocked my path. How frustrating! I ran the first K pretty good. … and then I walked. And I ran and then walked a lot more. And more. And tried to run and started walking again. It was as if my feet were filled with cement! My self-diagnosed asthma was kicking in. I had just gotten new running shoes and I would love to blame those for my inability to run, but I know better. I only have myself to blame. Nike + runner was trying to give me an encouraging “Congratulations! You ran your longest run!”… aka: “You ran your slowest run!” 40 minutes to do 5K. I’m sure that’s not bad since it used to take me 20 minutes to run a mile 🙂

However, I was disappointed. I was discouraged. I still am. This was 5 days ago and I haven’t run since. My 5K is in 10 days. I literally wake up thinking about it and my lungs tighten up. I’m really anxious about this. 

I want to run in the gym. I like it there. No distractions, good music, forced running at a consistent speed, and definitely no tripping or falling. 

But I need to bite the bullet and do what I signed up to do. Tomorrow I will wake up earlier than I have been and run outside on the pavement like a normal runner. And hopefully, next week I will wake up at 7am (ZOMG!!!!) and run. Because that stupid race starts at 8am and I need to get used to that. Maybe I will have a renewed energy. But I need coffee before a good run. I need that extra push. And I definitely can’t run WITH anyone because I’ll end up talking or embarrassing myself at how bad I am. 


5K – 1; Shannon – 0.

I’ll let you know the results of the 5k in 10 days. Wish me luck. 

5 months for a beach

Born in Florida (The Sunshine State)

Lived in Hawai’i (The Aloha/Rainbow State)

Worked in Thailand (hot a fuuuuuuuuu**)

Currently working in Korea (what’s that white stuff falling from the sky and freezing my skin off?)

– – – – Sad fact: I have been to the beach twice since I have come to Korea—–

The first time on the beach was in Busan back in September during Chuseok. Unfortunately it was so windy that I ended up getting a microdermabrasion treatment courtesy of Mother Nature.

The second time was this past weekend during the frigid month of February. This month has seen more snow in Ulsan than in the last 20 years (allegedly).

Sunday was a beautiful day and my PIA (partner in adventures), Ashley, and I headed to Ilsan Beach. It’s pretty much ‘the’ beach of Ulsan. It’s an hour bus ride away but probably only 30-40 min in a car/on a motorbike. The sun was shining, the temperature was cool, and there was a slight breeze blowing my stray strands into my mouth. Then we got off the bus and suddenly it was a double jacket kind of wind. 

We grabbed a coffee and headed onto the beach. It was a nice, small bay-ish inlet. Upon arrival we were greeted by a Korean totem-pole who seemed to mock our double-jacket response to the weather:


There was thick and coarse sand-colored sand with multi-shaded rocks littering the beach. Along with the litter. But it wasn’t as bad as some beaches I have seen. Children were playing, dogs wearing sweaters and bunny-outfits were frolicking in the sand. It was cold, but it was refreshing. If Superman gets recharged by the Sun, Floridians get recharged by the beach (and sun and summer and margaritas and flipflops).


We walked along the beach and I collected a beautiful shell. Then we headed to the end of the beach and Ash subtly throws in, “Get ready to walk some stairs.” Um what? There was no mention of stairs. . .



So we walked the stairs, stopping now and then to cater to our slightly pathetic asthmatic issues. Halfway up we found a nice rest stop with a beautiful view OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And we kept going. and going. and (think energizer bunny). Then we finally reached the top and a beautiful park was overlooking the bay! There were multiple walking paths and a children’s play area. The trees up here were magnificent!



And then the first totem pole’s cousins made fun of us for taking so long to get up there:



And we walked. And we sang about what we saw. To christmas songs… because we are weird. And that’s what makes us awesome! fa la la la la     la la la laaaaa

then we walked to the viewpoint area. More stairs, up high, really cold, really really windy. But beautiful. We looked at the ocean and were serenaded by some sweet Korean Kenny G sounding guy from the other side of the other beach. We took a lot of pictures, and saw cats that live on the rocks like crazy mountain lion descendants:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACrazy people were climbing the rocks. And by crazy people… i really only am displaying my jealousy and not being mentally able to handle doing things that they did… i could barely climb the rock I took the picture from… thanks mom for that fear of heights crap!!


Anyway, it was beautiful and cold and windy and finally the music got to us.

We walked along a rocky beach, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

slowly climbing stairs … enchanted by this serenading saxophone… it was like karaoke being sung by a reed instrument… I was lured up the stairs onto a cliff like Christine Daae being lured by the Phantom. .. and I literally walked like it (Ashley can confirm this).

We watched the krazy Korean playing the saxophone for a song or two. Then we walked along a mysterious road to what we only hoped would be the entrance… and then we came upon the greatest child’s playground toy ever…It was


a see saw. But it was a 6 person see saw!! WHATS!!!! Amaze-balls.







We had found the children’s play area… which meant we were back at the beginning. Then we ate some dope Indian food after walking through a 3-story Daiso and went home and passed the F out.


Overall, for having gone to a beach without requiring a bathing suit and leaving paler than when I arrived, it was a pretty good time.


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