Virtual Gameday – College Gameday experience

My brother has been working is arse off the past couple of years trying to perfect this website. And finally it is complete. It’s brilliant! For those of you in the States, Virtual Gameday offers you a social network as alumni. You can follow your team’s games and join fellow fans “going to the game” or “Watching the game.” Based on where you are, you can share with friends your plans or start new ones! If you’re visiting another city and feel the urge to watch the game with your alumni, look up plans in that city and you’ll see different viewing parties (from official to not as official).

Although it’s not available for viewing parties out of the country (yet) I still get to keep track of my friends going to the game or watching it in my hometown. Check it out! All you have to do is visit and sign up via facebook. Then… happy gameday. Go ‘Noles!



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